Just a little about myself. So I was born and raised in Orem/Lindon, Utah. I’m a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I was 19, I served a Church mission to Quito, Ecuador – and I still like trying to speak my rusty Spanish. I’m a BYU cougar and I couldn’t have asked for a better education.

So what are some unique things about me? Some people think, depending on my hair day, that I could make a good doppleganger to either Jim Carrey, Matt Dillon, John Mayer, Dick York, and I’m sure others. What do you think? lol.

Let’s see here….for the first few years of my professional life I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be professionally so I tried out a few things: business valuation analyst, Farmers Insurance agent, AFLAC agent (I used to have the robotic talking ducks), pest control salesman, pest control technician, employee benefits specialist, and career coach. I finally settled on consulting. Love what I do.

I’m very curious and I like trying new things. I’d like to become a better cook, and maybe, someday learn some serious karate. I also love my platinum member audible subscription. 

Thanks for visiting!


Photo of Mark